Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eyes Unseen

I find myself most days sitting here on the computer, playing the same song over and over. Today I've chosen, "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional. There's something blissful about finding the right song for the day. When you think about it there's a song for every kind of day; songs for anger, joy, pure hatred for the world and the people inhabiting it, and for redemption of the day after. The right song connects you to the world. It makes you wake-up and gives you a reason to go on living. Many interest groups blame music for the increasing number of suicides in the nation, but I blame the interest groups... and LSD since I'm on the subject. Maybe generations before mine didn't need music to get them from one day to the next. I think I can safely speak for my generation when I say that we do.

I am currently stuck at a job that has forced me to see the bad side of people. I grew up believing that, when if came down to it, people were actually human and were okay with being just that. I've been at my job for three years now, and find that I can no longer look people in the eye. Does mankind have to be so scary that we can't even look at each other anymore? It's amazing what you can find out about people just by actually looking at them. I suppose I've come to associate eye contact with yelling and being put down; people can be good, but they can be ugly if you give them the chance, too.

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